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Free engraving service on cup trophy, bronze statue & sculpture, trophy, plaque, medal is available now.  There is a limit to the number of characters depending on the product. Free shipping on product priced at  10,000 yen or more.
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  • 10th February, 2020

    Thanks for waiting! The credit card payment and cash on delivery are now available in our E-Commerce. We appreciate your continued support.

  • 13th November, 2019

    Hirayama Shokai Co., Ltd. has started a new e-commerce (β version) that allows you to shop on the website. When we start our e-commerce, the shipping fee will be free for purchases of 10,000 yen or more (usually 15,000 yen or more) for half a year(until 12th May.2020) Don't miss this opportunity!

  • 13th November, 2019

    Please note that the credit card settlement and cash on delivery are currently under preparation. We will let you know as soon as it is ready.

What's good for your corporation/your companies?

  • With excellent designs and brilliant sparkles, transparent and sophisticated crystal trophies will forever glorify the winner. Please select our crystal Trophies as employee recognition awards and commendations.

  • A crystal that gives off a beautiful shine. We accept the production of sophisticated custom crystal plaques on request of corporations and firms

  • Award plaques are suitable for various scenes to praise the achievements and accomplishments of award recipients. (president's award, MVP award, Excellent store award, goal achievement award, distinguished service award, length-of-service award, etc.)

  • Why don't you give a custom award plaque that has elegance and dignified presence to those who have made every effort to achieve their goals with words of praise?

Other product categories

  • You can customize a trophy for all sort of sport event by replacing the upper part. We also carry a variety of design trophies in different sports and activity.

  • Trophy cups have been given to the select few who can afford it since old days. Even in modern times, they glorify the victories at commendation ceremonies.

  • We offer a variety of bronze statues and sculptures, plaques, trophies and trophy cups which play an essential part in awards ceremonies.

  • Dignified style and rich bronze statues and sculptures honor outstanding achievements of athletes in sport events. We carry a huge selection of bronze statues and sculptures with the beauty of form and shape.

  • Gold medals, silver medals and bronze medals are the symbol of the Olympic Games. Award recipients will be delighted to receive them at school athletic meets, sport events and employee recognition wards.

  • Why don't you customize your organization's medal with your very own logo to applause the glory of award recipients?

Shipping & Delivery

kuronekoyamato (Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.)

●If the total amount (including consumption tax) is 10,000 yen or more, we will bear the cost for one delivery only.
●If the total amount is less than 10,000 yen, the customer will be responsible for it.

We have a flat delivery charge of 1,000 yen including consumption tax throughout the country.
※Shipping is only inside Japan.
※Shipping fee may vary depending on the item and quantity. In that case, we will contact you.

Payment Method

Credit card payment

We accept major domestic credit cards.

Cash on delivery (COD)

Credit card payment

●Cash on delivery (COD)
You can pay in cash at your home or at your shipping address.
The fee is 300 yen. (excluding tax) Please burden the fee at your expense.

Bank transfer

  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.

    Kobe-ekimae Branch

    Saving account


    Hirayama Firm Co., Ltd.


  • Mizuho Bank

    Kobe branch

    Saving account


    Hirayama Firm Co., Ltd.


●We will inform you of the amount and transfer deadline by "Order confirmation email", so please transfer to the above account afterwards.
(Please pay transfer fee.)
※If the transfer cannot be confirmed by the deadline, cash on delivery service is applied.
※Please transfer in the name of the orderer. If the named person is different, please contact us.

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